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Rocky Mountain® Orthodontics Data Services® (RMODS®) is the world leader in providing computerized orthodontic analysis. We have analyzed over 600,000 cases. RMODS® has helped thousands of clinicians determine the best treatment plan possible, based on the complexities of each individual patient.

Send In Service
If you would prefer to send in your x-rays or are unable to scan in your x-rays, please feel free to use our Send In Service. Please send your x-rays, bites and an order form to:

Rocky Mountain® Orthodontics Data Services®
P.O. Box 40999
Denver, CO 80204-9969

Download Catalog

  • Comprehensive cephalometric analysis (frontal and lateral)
  • Tracing of lateral and frontal x-rays
  • Airway Analysis
  • Treatment design
  • Treatment sequences worksheet
  • Long range growth simulation to maturity with and without treatment
  • Thirty-three different letters are generated for extreme or unusual situations
  • Individualized norms based on age, gender, and race
  • Arch analysis of upper and lower dentition
  • Visual Treatment Objective (VTO) (short and long term)
  • Third molar probability
  • Height prediction
  • Alerts including TMJ awareness, excessive mandibular growth, and endochronological problems