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Discover an in-office software tailored to performing static analysis of lateral and frontal x-rays and dental arches. Joe-ceph® is a perfect method of communication with colleagues and patients.

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  • In-office Software Package
  • On Screen Digitizing
  • Cephalometric Analyses
  • Custom Analysis
  • Upper and Lower Arch Analysis
  • Visual Norms
  • Airway Analysis
  • Excessive Mandibular Growth Alert
  • 24 Month Growth Forecast without Treatment
  • Superimpositions of Different Time Points
  • Management of Patient Images


Does JoeCeph work on a Mac computer?
No. Currently, JoeCeph is only supported on the Microsoft Windows platform.
Can I use JoeCeph over Remote Desktop?
No. JoeCeph will not work over terminal services or remote desktop. If a user tries to connect to JoeCeph using terminal services or remote desktop he/she will be prompted to enter a license number and the program will not work.
Will the original Joe32 program be able to view the results from JoeCeph?
This isn’t supported, but technically the Joe32 program can load up digitized results from the JoeCeph program.
Can I install JoeCeph on two computers if I bought a single license of JoeCeph?
No. JoeCeph is licensed per computer. If you would like to have two installable copies of JoeCeph you will need to purchase two licenses. Contact RMODS at 1-800-458-8884 to purchase an additional license.