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Integra™ is a low profile bracket appliance system. This small, rhomboid designed bracket is totally integrated. The complete bracket, including the base, is molded as one unit and is manufactured using Metal Injection Molding. The Integra™ bracket delivers an unbeatable combination of superior function, patient comfort and superb bonding in an integral appliance system.


  • Built-in wings, hooks and base result in precision orthodontic control
  • Wing design provides for easy ligation; which is unique in a low profile bracket
  • Integral ball hooks on cuspids and bicuspids allow for simultaneous use of auxiliaries
  • Increased, molded-pattern bonding surface area assures an excellent bond
  • Molded base is designed to match precisely to the curvature of the tooth morphology for maximum contact and strong, consistent bonding
  • The vertical scribe line aligns precisely with the crown long axis, simplifying accurate bracket placement
  • Permanent marking system molded into each bracket for easy identification