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FLI® Ceramic Adhesive

FLI® Ceramic Adhesive
Discover unmatched aesthetics and true natural appearance in the FLI® Orthodontic System.

FLI® Ceramic Adhesive is specially formulated for use with RMO® ’s wide range of clear and ceramic brackets.

– Light cure adhesive provides extended working time and quick cure application
– Optimum balance of high strength and easy removal offers enhanced bonding efficiency

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  • Quick Setting: Easy application and reduced chair time
  • Light Cure Formula: Provides additional working time for accurate bracket placement
  • High Bond Strength: Maximum retention and performance
  • High Viscosity: Superior flow and reduced bracket drift during placement
  • Low Solubility: Minimal disintegration in the oral environment
  • Easy to remove: Minimal patient discomfort; Fewer breakage failures