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Liberty Bielle® Fixed is a modern Herbst-type appliance. Its unique ball joint configurations allow it to rotate 360 degrees, which maximizes lateral movement, provides comfort and flexibility for the patient, and ensures treatment efficiency all while minimizing appliance breakage.

The Liberty Bielle® consists of an assortment of precisely engineered and manufactured components of the highest quality. These unique components increase the durability of the appliance by minimizing destructive lateral forces and allowing maximum movement of the mandible in many directions.


  • Fixed Appliance - requires no patient compliance; easy assembly & adaptation minimizes chair time
  • Ball Joint Pivot Design - 360 degree movement; maximized lateral flexibility; enhanced comfort in movement; superior results due to higher treatment efficiency (fewer adjustments)
  • Low Profile Design - greater patient comfort without bulky components; reduced cheek irritation (no spring component)
  • Practical Construction - increased durability by minimizing destructive lateral forces; fewer debonding & breakage failures; no unwanted rotations

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