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RMO®’s E-Cephalometrics® or e-ceph® (computer-aided orthodontic data service via the internet) is the most cost effective, complete, and accurate orthodontic data service in the world.

Transmit your patient’s records (digital X-rays & related material) via the Internet and the patient’s complete diagnostic workup is e-mailed back to you. e-ceph saves time and money compared to mail-in services or in-office systems. Our analysts are the most experienced with over 500,000 cases processed. The quality of e-ceph is superior to any in-office system or any other service.

  • e-ceph® is like having an in-office data system and the best trained staff without the overhead
  • Surgical treatment design is available
  • Free telephone and online support
    Call 800.458.8884 for more information

This information is digital, so it can be stored on your computer or shared with other dental or health professionals via e-mail.

Download Catalog

  • Lateral and frontal tracings
  • Visual Norm
  • Growth to maturity with and without treatment
  • Treatment design
  • Significant considerations
  • Alerts such as abnormal growth
  • Visual treatment objective
  • Sequence worksheet
  • Height prediction