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660-XP Multi-Purpose Welder

660-XP Multi-Purpose Welder
The 660-XP Multi-Purpose Welder is a small, versatile, economical chairside unit created to fulfill the multi-purpose requirements of appliance fabrication. It occupies minimum counter space and its light weight makes it appropriate for chairside or mobile use. Electrodes align
automatically and accessories add versatility to appliance fabrication. Black color only. It carries the CE mark, which satisfies the most stringent technical and safety regulations.

Electrical, size weight data:

    • Solid state circuitry
    • Size: 6 1/2” wide x 10 1/2” deep x 6 7/8” high (16.5cm x 26.7cm x 17.4cm)
    • Net weight 8 lbs. 12 oz. (4.0 kg)


  • Welds with four welding heats and self-centering electrodes
  • Electro-solders with turret carbon tip and cables
  • Anneals with plug-in jack
  • Heat-tempers and stress-relieves with cables
  • Variable control of welding and soldering strength
  • Optimal electrical adjustment of the welding pulse intensity to each welding current strength
  • Spot welding, soldering, heat treating and annealing