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RMO® has always enjoyed being an innovator and visionary in the orthodontic market, pushing the practice of orthodontics to new frontiers while consistently providing a benchmark of quality for other companies to follow. Currently RMO® serves all aspects of orthodontics. RMO® recognizes that all patients differ and that all orthodontists vary in education, experience, treatment approach, appliance performance, and final detailing. Since the needs of every doctor vary, RMO® is committed to developing practical Synergistic solutions. Synergy develops when two or more interactive parts of a system produce an effect in which the power of the interactions of the whole become far greater than the sum of the parts. RMO®’s attention to synergies provides practices with a wide selection of dependable treatment options. RMO® serves three broad categories of orthodontics:

1. Diagnostics

Increasingly RMO® has emphasized the development of computer –aided diagnostic and treatment planning tools.

These information innovations have provided powerful analytic information that has helped docto rs and their staff effectively treat each patient’s individual growth and development. This results in improved outcomes, more predictable results, and less failure for patients.

Since 1969, RMO Data Services® has engaged in an ongoing program of progress through continuous research.

RMODS® is based upon case and research information derived from a worldwide orthodontic network consisting of practicing orthodontists, universities, and researchers. The information contains the latest scientific findings in the field of orthodontics. This information is used along with the doctors’ personal treatment philosophy to form a complete detailed analysis of each patient prior and during treatment.

RMODS® has several new methods for sending and receiving diagnostic services:
  1. e-ceph allows the doctor to transmit their patients’ records digitally and the complete diagnostic work-up sent electronically back to the doctor.
  2. e-ceph allows the doctor to complete the tracing in his / her office and electronically submit the tracing to RMODS® for the final analysis.

2. 1st Phase Orthodontic Treatment / Functional Education

RMO® has been actively involved in early treatment form the beginning. A close partnership was developed with Dr. Ricketts and RMO® collaborated with Dr. Ricketts on his vision for the Bioprogressive philosophy in 1957. RMO® continues its commitment to 1st phase approaches, believing the majority of people favor early interception over more complex measures in later years. Over the years RMO® has introduced many 1st phase appliances including:

  1. Wilson appliances – The Wilson® 3D® system comprises a series of interrelated fixed/removable intraoral modules that simplify and improve treatment. Wilson® 3D® appliances can be used to supplement all techniques while delivering practical and simple solutions to both typical and extraordinary movement challenges. RMO® sponsors numerous CE events that teach the skills needed to incorporate Wilson® 3D® concepts and materials into your present technique.
  2. The Multi-Family System Appliances are myofunctional appliances that can be incorporated into your practice during all phases of orthodontic treatment. They are Functional Educational Appliances used as early as 5 years old to reduce muscular forces in the mouth and promote proper alignment of the teeth; or as late as 13 years old, during fixed appliance treatment, to facilitate mandibular positioning. The Multi-Family System is versatile and functional for both you and your patients.

3. Fixed Appliances

Since the beginning, RMO® has designed innovative fixed appliance options for orthodontists. From creating of the first preformed band to pioneering and implementing Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Technology for orthodontic use. RMO® has continued its drive for new technologies and new methods of manufacturing consistent, high quality Fixed Appliances. Today RMO® carries many different patented fixed appliance designs to capture all of the varying orthodontic treatment modalities from Brioprogressive to Straight Wire concepts and everything in-between.

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