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Rocky Mountain® Orthodontics Data Services® (RMODS®) is the world leader in providing computerized orthodontic analysis. We have analyzed over 600,000 cases. RMODS® has helped thousands of clinicians determine the best treatment plan possible, based on the complexities of each individual patient.

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Key Components of the service:

  • Comprehensive cephalometric analysis (frontal and lateral)
  • Tracing of lateral and frontal x-rays
  • Airway Analysis
  • Treatment design
  • Treatment sequences worksheet
  • Long range growth simulation to maturity with and without treatment
  • Thirty-three different letters are generated for extreme or unusual situations
  • Individualized norms based on age, gender, and race
  • Arch analysis of upper and lower dentition
  • Visual Treatment Objective (VTO) (short and long term)
  • Third molar probability
  • Height prediction
  • Alerts including TMJ awareness, excessive mandibular growth, and endochronological problems

RMO®‘s E-Cephalometrics® or e-ceph® (computer-aided orthodontic data service via the internet) is the most cost effective, complete, and accurate orthodontic data service in the world.

  • e-ceph is like having an in-office data system and the best trained staff without the overhead
  • RMODS® has over 200 years of combined staff experience working for you
  • Surgical treatment design is available
  • Free telephone and online support
  • Click here to view sample cases or call 800.458.8884 for more information

This information is digital, so it can be stored on your computer or shared with other dental or health professionals via e-mail. e-ceph® is the most cost effective, most complete, and the most accurate orthodontic data system available.

Send In Service

If you would prefer to send in your x-rays or are unable to scan in your x-rays for e-ceph®, please feel free to use our Send In Service. Please send your x-rays, bites and an order form to:

Rocky Mountain® Orthodontics Data Services®
P.O. Box 40999
Denver, CO 80204-9969