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JOE CEPH® is a in-office software for performing static analysis of lateral and frontal x-rays and dental arches.  It’s on screen digitizing permits you to simplify the process, find your anatomical structures easily with the use of zoom in and contrast changes. 

Provides you with a Visual Norm, a cephalometric drawing of an ideal patient compensated for age, race, gender and volumetric size of the patient.  Using JOE CEPH superimpositions you may compare your patient against the norm and easily comprehend any dental or skeletal discrepancies.  You may also use the superimpositions to compare different time points, such as Original Tracing, Progress and Final Records.

JOE CEPH arch analysis provides you with information such as inter and intra arch relationships, tooth size, estimation of unerupted dentition size, arch length discrepancies and leeway space estimation.  The Bolton Analysis helps provide information on how upper and lower teeth relate to each other.

JOE CEPH offers many analyses such as Ricketts, Sassouni, Steiner and many more. As well as the possibility to customize your analysis.  Provides you with a description of the cephalometric findings listing problems and causes; it references statements to specific factors for fast identification.

The 24 month forecast without treatment is another interesting feature of  JOE CEPH, as well as the management of patient’s images and the superimposition of photos against the tracing. 

JOE CEPH is, a perfect method of communication with colleagues and patients.

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  • In-office Software Package
  • On Screen Digitizing
  • Cephalometric Analyses
  • Custom Analysis
  • Upper and Lower Arch Analysis
  • Visual Norms
  • Airway Analysis
  • Excessive Mandibular Growth Alert
  • 24 Month Growth Forecast without Treatment
  • Superimpositions of Different Time Points
  • Management of Patient Images

Installation Instruction

License Instructions 

System Requirements

  • 2Ghz Intel or AMD class processor
  • 1024×768 Monitor Resolution
  • 1 Gig of RAM (2 Gig’s recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader
  •  X-Ray images must be a 1:1 ratio
  •  X-Ray images must be a JPG, BMP, GIF, or TIF
  •  X-Ray Images must be less than 12″x12″
  •  X-Ray images should be 300 DPI
  • Administrative access on the computer

Terms and Conditions