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Schweickhardt - Specialty Instruments and Accessories

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Cap Removal Plier
  • This precision stainless steel instrument uses joint plier transfer to sheer off convertible caps effortlessly with one fluid motion
  • The slender rail design allows doctors to easily acces the buccal region with little obstruction
  • The blade tips feature a filleted design allowing for an easy, low-force cap removal
  • Can be used on any convertible buccal tubes as well as convertible brackets
  • Each packaged instrument includes two replacement blades
1 I01200
Cap Removal Instrument (RMO®)
  • To remove caps from convertible tubes
  • Replaceable blade provides leverage when removing cap
  • Tip of blade fits securely in arch slot of tube
  • Each packaged instrument includes 10 replacement blades
  • Stainless steel handle and blade
1 I00557

5 each

Replacement Blades



Replacement blades


Modular Omega Plier (RMO®)
  • Used to adjust the expansion or contraction of the Omega loop on the Biometric Distalizing Arch (Wilson®)
  • Hook on round end to hold Omega loop
1 I00548W
Crimpable Hook Plier
  • For attaching crimpable hooks securely to arch wires with minimum pressure
  • Stainless steel
1 I00129


Replacement tips


Hex Wrench
  • Stainless steel with hard steel tip
  • For use with RM® Lock
1 I00034
Fitzgerald X-Ray Holding Unit Rubber Bite Block
Ortho/Trace - Cephalometric Tracing Acetate
  • Smooth matte with transparent surface – .003” (0.076mm)
  • Gives sharp lines when tracing study radiographs
  • Rounded corners match standard 8” x 10” (20.32 x 25.4cm) rounded corner radiographs
100 sheet J00086
2 I00365
Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR) strips
  • Perforations eliminate tooth enamel damage from overheating
  • Diamond-coating increases lifetime of strip
  • Color-coded system for clear, concise differentiation between grain styles
Penta-Morphic® Arch Selector
  • Made of 8” x 10” Vinylite
1 I00509
Single Sided- Extra Fine (.07mm) Red
10 I00720
Single Sided- Fine (.10mm) Blue
10 I00721
Single Sided- Regular (.14mm) Green
10 I00722
Double Sided- Extra Fine (.11mm) Red
10 I00730
Double Sided- Fine (.16mm) Blue
10 I00731
Double Sided- Regular (.20mm) Green
10 I00732
Cephalometric Tracing Template
  • Designed to provide the most anatomically correct presentation of typical teeth
  • Includes: prediction table, frontal and lateral views of most teeth, ptergoid and condyin tracing shapes, metric scales, protractor and relationship guides
  • Fits approximately 80% of the teeth without compensation, yet can also adjust to fit individual teeth
1 pkg I00512
Instrument Rack
1 I00042
RMO® Instrument Lubricant
  • Technical grade white oil that can be applied after drying and prior to sterilization
  • Improves the instrument life
  • Fast and economical solution that prevents rust and protects cutting edges
  • Regular treatment reduces the chance of oxidation
1 J00201
3D® Bimetric Arch Selector
1 I00506
Distalizing Arch Selector
1 G00360
3D® Lingual Arch Selector
1 I00505
3D® Maxillary Bimetric Distalizing Arch Selector
1 I00507