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Schweickhardt - Bonding and Ligation Instruments

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Ligature Tying Plier (Coon)
  • Semi-automatic
  • Locking channel is chamfered and burr-free to allow wire to slide before locking without being cut
  • Tips are thin allowing close contact to bracket
  • Up to .012” (0.305mm) soft wire
1 I00153
Module Placing Plier
  • For initial placing of force modules
  • Ideal for placing ligatures and separators
  • Easy access to difficult areas (posterior)
  • Reduces module breakage
  • Patient safe, easy spring-back action
1 I00810
Ligature Tucker and Tier (Broussard™)
  • Stainless steel
  • One end twists steel ligature into a tie
  • The other tucks twisted wire
1 I00274
Ligature Tucker
  • Straight notched tip at one end for anterior brackets
  • Angled notched tip at other end for posterior brackets
  • Chamfered slots avoid breakage of ligature wires
  • Tips are smoothed to avoid hurting tissue
1 I00273
Needle Holder Small Narrow Tip (Mathieu)
  • Ratchet lock handle
  • Tips are serrated and carbide coated for positive gripping of ligature wires and modules
  • Hook tip style makes placement of elastic modules and gripping easy.
  • 5.4” (13.7cm) long
  • Ligature wire up to .016” (0.406mm)
1 I00028
Needle Holder Small (Mathieu)
  • Precision made ligating instrument tips – safe beaks
  • With ratchet lock handle
  • Free sliding inner spring opens beaks
  • Tips are serrated and carbide coated for positive gripping of ligature wires and modules
  • 5.25” (13cm) long
  • Can be used on ligature wire up to .016” (0.406mm)
1 I00030
Mosquito Hemostat
  • 4.75” (12cm) long
  • With locking handle
  • Serrated tips for positive gripping
1 I00124
Direct Bond Removing Plier
  • Wedges between both edges of the base and the tooth surface and lifts off with virtually no stress
  • Grips firmly for occlusal-gingival or mesial-distal use
  • Hard tool steel insert
Narrow tip 1 I00545
Wide tip 1 I00546
Direct Bonding Tweezer, Self-Locking w/Thin Tips
  • Self-locking action
  • Ideal for posterior bracket placement
  • Thin tips fit between bracket wings and base
  • Recommended for use with the RMO® Bondable Lingual Retainer
1 I01102