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Apex - Ligating Pliers, Ligature Removal, Wire Director

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Force Module Separator
  • Reverse action handles and long tapered tips make placing separating modules quick and easy
1 T00810
Mathieu Wide Tip
  • Mathieu-style needle holder with serrated tips
  • Positive locking ratchet permits instant opening/closing
  • Box joint
1 T00030
Mathieu Hole-Tip
  • Mathieu-style needle holder with .020” groove at tips for non-slip placement of elastic ligatures and other intraoral elastics without crushing, eliminating premature failure
  • Box joint
1 T00031
Synergy® Ligature Remover
  • Designed to fit between tie wings
  • Small, rounded, approximately 45° angle tip
  • Easy access to anterior and posterior teeth
1 T00520
Self-Ligating Instrument
  • Shortened probe tip prevents excessive forces on door/clip
  • High angle tip for easy use on anterior bracket doors
  • Tapered shaft for increased stiffness and precision
  • Large handle for ease of use
1 T00570
Direct Bond Bracket Holder
  • Unique reverse action tweezer with finely serrated beaks for a non-slip grip
  • Easy release of both metal and plastic direct bond brackets
  • Fits narrow to wide twin
1 T00102
Direct Bond Remover - Straight
  • Wedges between the base and the tooth surface and lifts off with virtually no stress
  • Precision diamond honed wedges work on all types of brackets
  • Box joint
1 T00546
Direct Bond Remover - Angled
  • Quickly and safely removes direct bond brackets
  • Angled precision edges allow for easy removal of brackets and excess bonding material
  • Box joint
1 T00545
Posterior Band Remover
  • Wedges under the band while the 5mm replaceable teflon bumper rests on the occlusal surface for easy band removal
  • Box joint
1 T00347

6 each

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