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North America

To Contact RMO please call 800.525.6375

Between the hours of 6:30 AM and 4:30 PM MST

Sales Representatives

Adam Wachholtz
Director of North American Sales

800.525.6044 ext. 8227

Central Region

Neil Taylor
Regional Sales Manager
Territory: KS, MO, AR (Northwest), NE (Eastern), IL (Western), HI
800.525.6044 ext. 8468
Dave Faxel
Sales Representative
Territory: IL (Northern), WI (Milwaukee), IN (Northern), MI
800.525.6044 ext. 8467
PJ Spillman
Sales Representative
Territory: Dallas/Ft. Worth, North Texas, OK, Arkansas (except northwest AR)
800.525.6044 ext. 8474

Ryan Comer
Sales Representative
Territory: TX (Houston)
800.525.6044 ext. 8479

East Region

Jeff Sims
Regional Sales Manager
Territory: Southern Texas, LA
800.525.6044 ext. 8261
Shane Burden
Regional Sales Manager
Territory: KY, OH, IN, IL (Southern), PA (Western), WV
800.525.6044 ext. 8466
Michael Ferguson
Sales Representative
Territory: PA Eastern, NJ Southern
800.525.6044 ext. 8450
Maribel Baez Almonte
Sales Representative
Territory: MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, Upstate NY, Northern CT
800.525.6044 ext. 8471
Thomas Fraser
Sales Representative
Territory: Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Western NY
800.525.6044 ext. 8454
Kevin Helmke
Sales Representative
Territory: NY, NJ
800.525.6044 ext. 8447
Mike Manno
Sales Representative
Territory: North & Central FL, NC, SC, and SW Virginia
800.525.6044 ext. 8465
Ralph Batista
Sales Representative
Territory: AL, GA, TN, MS
800.525.6044 ext. 8455

Raoul Morales
Sales Representative
Territory: FL, PR
800.525.6044 ext. 8478

West Region

Nancy Molish
Regional Sales Manager
Territory: Southern California (Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Ventura County, and Orange County)
800.525.6044 ext. 8475
Jeff Sims
Regional Sales Manager
Territory: CO, ID, WY, MT, NE
800.525.6044 ext. 8261
Andrew DeFelice
Sales Representative
Territory: AZ, NM, San Diego County, UT
800.525.6044 ext. 8414
Dave Barney
Sales Representative
Territory: Northern CA, NV (Western), OR (Southern)
800.525.6044 ext. 8469

Customer Service

Matt Brown
Inbound Sales Representative
800.525.6044 ext. 8386
Carin Davis
Customer Service Representative
800.525.6044 ext. 8373
Octavio Gonzalez
International Customer Service Representative/CS Technical Support
800.525.6044 ext. 8298
Claudia Donaldson
Customer Support Supervisor
800.525.6044 ext. 8387
Stacy McIlravy
Inbound Sales Representative
800.525.6044 ext. 8318
John Dutton
RMODS Office Coordinator & Sales Representative
800.525.6044 ext. 8268
Jamie Sandoval
Inbound Sales Representative
800.525.6044 ext. 8218