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CephNinja® is a simple yet efficient orthodontic app that turns your iPhones and iPads into powerful cephalometric analysis and patient management tools. Whether you’re a busy clinician, an insightful academician, or an enthusiastic dental student, CephNinja® is sure to make your life easier. It’s the perfect handy companion you need for your daily professional activities.

Key features of the app

With CephNinja® you can perform different types of cephalometric analyses quickly, accurately, and on the go. We strive to continuously update the app with new features and it presently offers the following:

Cephalometric analyses

  • Burstone’s
  • McNamara’s
  • Steiner’s
  • Witt’s
  • Jarabak’s
  • Down’s
  • Tweed’s
  • Soft tissue analysis
  • CephNinja® Composite analysis

Photographic analysis

  • Facial Index
  • Vertical facial proportions
  • Horizontal facial proportions

Create your own custom cephalometric analysis

This innovative feature lets you create your own custom analysis and allows you to:

  • Select variables of your choice from all the analyses available on the app and create your own composite analysis for use in different clinical situations
  • Share your custom analyses with friends and colleagues

Compare cephalometric results

View all your cephalometric analysis results side by side categorized by treatment phase (pre, mid, and post-treatment) for a better understanding of the orthodontic treatment outcome

Save or export results

Export your patient folders as beautifully laid out PDF files which display all the contents of the folders including patient photographs, clinical notes, and cephalometric results

Intuitive patient management features

  • Create individual patient folders and add case records
  • Quickly import different treatment stage photographs and add them to individual patient folders and sort them by the treatment stage. Import photos via device gallery, OneDrive, or device camera
  • Smart orthodontic keyboard – Notes taking is a breeze with our smart orthodontic keyboard! Popular orthodontic terms exist as tabs and tapping them lets you quickly jot down clinical notes before saving them
  • Intelligent case history tool – Before starting a case, you can now ensure that you never leave out an important diagnostic finding again. The case history tool lets you add detailed orthodontic clinical findings for every patient simply with a few quick taps.
  • Appointments – Easily tap and add ‘last seen on’ status for every patient
  • Export tool: The export tool creates beautifully laid out PDF files for your patient folders which can then be saved, printed, or sent by email. The app also allows you to add the doctor’s and clinic’s name to the cover page of the PDF file
  • Add and view 3D models of your cases in .STL format

and more…

  • Use Touch ID or Face ID to protect your saved stuff
  • Backup and restore data – switch between devices or keep a backup in the cloud You can try the app today by downloading it from the Apple App store



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