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Case Presentation: Severe horizontally impacted mandibular cuspid

Case Details

Patient presented with Dental Class II Subdivision left. Her chief concern was "trapped lower tooth and crooked teeth."

Doctor Name: Mel Collazo, D.D.S., M.S.
Doctor Location: Little Rock, AR
Age: 15
Gender: female
Start Date: 2010-03
End Date: 2012-02
Class: 2
Treatment Plan: Full fixed appliances (RMO Synergy brackets). Initial leveling and alignment with RMO .016 x .016 copper nickel titanium wires. Progressive wire sequences and an open coil spring to make additional space for the severely impacted mandibular right cuspid (#27). Referred patient to an oral surgeon for extraction of the mandibular right deciduous cuspid root (#R) and surgical exposure and bonding of an attachment with chain to the impacted mandibular right permanent cuspid (#27). The impacted cuspid was brought into arch alignment with the utilization of RMO elastic thread and RMO Energy chain. Class II elastics were utilized on the patient’s left side. Upon completion of orthodontic treatment, upper and lower fixed retainers were placed for the first year. Afterwards, upper and lower Hawley retainers were fabricated. The RMO Synergy brackets were ideal for treating this case. The reduced friction allowed for ease of tooth movement and reduced treatment time. The multiple ligating options delivered optimum tooth control throughout treatment. And, the flared arch openings helped to avoid binding of the arch wires, thereby making treatment more comfortable for the patient.
Products Used:
  • Accessories
  • Copper Nickel-Titanium Wire
  • Synergy Brackets