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Case Presentation: Rotate Upper First Molars Distally & Expand the Maxillary Arch

Case Details

Phase I patient age 10 (with somewhat delayed dental eruption pattern). She was end-on molar right and left with tapered maxillary arch; upper primary cuspids were edge; edge x-bite with lower primary cuspids; upper laterals lacked space for eruption into alignment.

Doctor Name: Dr. James Dyer
Doctor Location: Argyle, TX
Age: 10
Gender: female
Start Date: 2010-06
End Date: 2012-10
Class: 1
Treatment Plan: Rotate the Upper 6's distally to achieve Class I molar relation and expand the maxillary arch. Then align upper 2-2 when eruption is completed. RMO Quad Helix (Ricketts) followed by 2x4 appliance using Synergy Brackets.
Products Used:
  • Early treatment
  • Synergy Brackets