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Case Presentation: Patient C. P.

Case Details

Patient presents with a chief complaint of "crooked teeth".

Diagnosis: Class I occlusion; severe upper and lower crowding; posterior crossbite (UL5); midline discrepancy; minimal gingival display; straight profile; mesially tipped LR7

Doctor Name: Richard Webster
Doctor Location: Las Vegas, NV
Age: 14
Gender: female
Start Date: 2013-02
Class: 1
Treatment Plan: 1. Obtain orthodontic clearance and informed consent 2. Extract UR4, UR5, and Lower 4's. Bond upper and lower arches 4. Level & Align 5. Space closure (elastics prn) 6. Finish and Detail 7. Retention
Products Used:
  • FLI Twin Brackets
  • Nickel Titanium Wire


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