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Case Presentation: Multi Family + Quad Helix + Synergy = Result of Treatment

Case Details

Class I, Cross Bite, Tendency for Skeletal Open Bite.

Doctor Name: Vasyl Nykolyn
Doctor Location: Ukraine, Lviv, Park Dental
Age: 23
Gender: male
Start Date: 2010-02
End Date: 2011-03
Class: 1
Treatment Plan: 1. Correct Cross Bite - Quad-Helix with Multi-TB 2.Vertical control - Synergy Brackets with Elastics 3.Close space - Elgiloy wire with Energy chain 4.Retention - UP (2-2), Low(3-3) with Multi-TB
Products Used:
  • Accessories
  • Elgiloy Wire
  • Multi Family
  • Nickel Titanium Wire
  • Synergy Brackets