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Case Presentation: Micro Screws

Case Details

The patient has an end on bite with flared maxillary anteriors. The plan is to distalize the maxillary molars to a full Class 1 relationship. The molar position will be maintained and the remaining maxillary braces placed. The maxillary arch will then be retracted to eliminate the flaring of the maxillary anteriors.

Doctor Name: Dr. John J Marchetto
Doctor Location: Weston, FL
Age: 14
Gender: male
Start Date: 2013-08
Class: 2
Treatment Plan: Bond L6-6 also placeTransPlatal Arch with Bands On Upper 6's and MicroScrews in front of TransPlatal Arch
Products Used:
  • Accessories
  • Copper Nickel-Titanium Wire
  • Nickel Titanium Wire
  • Synergy R Brackets
  • TADs