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Case Presentation: Managing severe arch length deficency by Wilson LHA

Case Details

This is an 8 years old male who presented with severe crowding in the lower anterior area with totally blocked lower right lateral incisor. Treatment options included serial extraction, or lower arch expansion to provide enough space for the erupting lower right lateral incisor. Lower Wilson type lingual arch was used to expand the lower arch anteroposteriorly and transversely. Once space created for the blocked lower right lateral incisor, a new LHA wire was inserted and gradually moved that incisor into alignment. Total treatment time was 12 months for phase I.

Doctor Name: Tarek El-Bialy
Doctor Location: Edmonton, Canada
Age: 8
Gender: male
Start Date: 2015-04
End Date: 2015-04
Class: 1
Treatment Plan: Wilson active LHA
Products Used:
  • Wilson


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