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Case Presentation: Delayed Eruption Due to Presence of Impacted Supernumerary

Case Details

Patient presented with delayed eruption of maxillary right central incisor. CB CT scan revealed a supernumerary tooth on the palatal aspect of the impacted central delaying eruption of maxillary right central and lateral incisors. Following surgical removal of supernumerary tooth, lack of eruption in a timely manner required surgical exposure of maxillary right central and lateral. When patient was finally ready for orthodontic appliances recommended extraction of maxillary right and left 1st bicuspids due to crowding.

Doctor Name: Dr. George Pinsak
Doctor Location: Monroe, NC
Age: 13
Gender: female
Start Date: 2012-05
End Date: 2015-06
Class: 1
Treatment Plan: Removal of supernumerary impacted tooth, removal of maxillary 1st bicuspids, surgical exposure of maxillary right central incisor, placement of RMO synergy brackets, level and align with procession of NiTi wires, elastics to close extraction sites and correct occlusion, essix retainers for retention phase
Products Used:
  • Copper Nickel-Titanium Wire
  • Early treatment
  • Nickel Titanium Wire
  • Synergy Brackets


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