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Case Presentation: Class III Correction with TAD-assisted expansion and mini-plate aided maxillary protraction

Case Details

<p>11 y.o. male presented for 2nd opinion regarding anterior cross-bite. Patient failed to correct anterior cross-bite with braces upper 2-2 and lower lingual holding arch.

After comprehensive orthodontic evaluation considering patient's skeletal age (11) I suggested TAD-assisted rapid palatal expansion to address transverse maxillary deficiency and protraction of the maxilla with zhygomatic mini-plates-face-mask-Class III elastics to lower essay. Patient responded to therapy and within 3 months anterior cross-bite was corrected.</p>

Doctor Name: Marianna Evans
Doctor Location: Newtown Square, PA
Age: 11
Gender: male
Start Date: 2015-05
End Date: 2015-05
Class: 3
Treatment Plan: TAD-assisted Palatal Expansion with maxillary protraction
Products Used:
  • TADs