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Case Presentation: Class II

Case Details

CC:"Crowding, Crooked teeth and
Does not like front teeth"
Dx = Mild skeletal/dental Class II right side
Permanent dentition w/retained Urc
Moderate maxillary/mandibular crowding
Mandibular midline shifted to right 2mm
OJ = 8mm, OB = 4mm

Doctor Name: Paul Hyun
Doctor Location: Allen, TX
Age: 14
Gender: female
Start Date: 2013-04
End Date: 2015-09
Class: 2
Treatment Plan: Comprehensive orthodontics 18-24 months, Class II Elastics -Band U6's, Bond U/L arches. Cl 2 elastics D/F, retain - Max/Mand essix Refer eval 3rds as needed.
Products Used:
  • FLI Twin Brackets