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Case Presentation: Class II (E/O SD Rt) Deep Bite

Case Details

Class II (Angle's) end on subdiv Right
Class II (Skeletal)
Deep OB and Moderate OJ
Mild U Crowding
Mild Lower Spacing
No Functional Shift
Convex Soft Tissue Profile

Doctor Name: Benjamin Chan
Doctor Location: Cumberland RI
Age: 13
Gender: female
Start Date: 2014-09
Class: 2
Treatment Plan: 1) Band U6s and bond U21|12. L&A and Derotate U6s. Impression for biteplate or anterior bite turbos. 2) Place biteplate or anterior bite turbos. Band L6s and bond 5-4. L&A. 3) Once Rt6 is derotated, retract 5s, then 4s, then 3s also Lt 4, then 3 on stopped AWs. 4) Retract 2-2 after bite opening. Bond LL5 when fully erupted. 5) Once in heavy wire, include UL5 on overlay wire. 6) Take progress pano when all teeth are L&A. Repo and bond 7s 7) Finish and detail with elastics PRN. 8) U circumferential and lower spring.
Products Used:
  • FLI Twin Brackets


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