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Alpine SL® Brackets

As an active self-ligating bracket with a nickel titanium (NiTi) spring clip, Alpine SL® is the ideal choice for reliability, durability and resiliency compared to competitive active SL bracket options. Alpine SL® has the lowest profile among major competitive brands, contributing to outstanding patient comfort. The full-slot width of the NiTi clip results in outstanding rotational control, while the clip material delivers superior resiliency and expression of prescription.
  • Alpine’s NiTi spring clip ensures continued functionality and control for the duration of treatment
  • Our easy open and close clip requires no special instrument and won’t deform like other bracket clips
  • Full slot width coverage by the clip delivers optimal rotation control
  • Smooth ideal profile allows patient comfort while providing tie wings for optional ligation
  • 80-gauge mesh base provides secure bonding and reliable debonding for staff and patients
Bracket material: Stainless steel
Base material: Stainless steel, 80-gauge mesh
Prescriptions: Roth .022, MBT™ .022, Trimorphic Bioprogressive .018